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Tanjore, now known as Thanjavur is situated only about 50 km. from Trichy. Thanjavur derives its name from Tanjan-an asura, a giant who devastated the neighbourhood and was killed by Sri Anandavalli Amman and Vishnu. Before his death, he requested the city to be named after him and thus the city was named as Tanjore. Thanjavur is also known as the granary of the South India and lies in the delta region of the famous Kaveri river and criss-crossed by lengthy network of irrigation canals. Thanjavur is also known as the "Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu" and famous for the Brihadeshwara Temple. This temple was constructed more than thousand years ago by the King Raja Raja and an architect's marvel. This temple and the other temples in Thanjavur are known all over the world. It is a flourishing centre of bronze sculpture and painting. The Tamil University has been set up recently in Thanjavur and devoted to the growth of Tamil literature and language. The best season to visit Thanjavur is throughout the year. Tamil, English and Marathi are the main languages which are spoken in Thanjavur. For more information and special discount on hotel booking please contact us.

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