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Olde Bangalore Resort- Bangalore

Coming to Olde Bangalore is like taking a slow and lazy trip back in time – hard to imagine something like this in the middle of a city gone wild! Waking up to bird-song and retiring to the sound of silence are luxuries now available only miles away from habitation, unless you are at Olde Bangalore. As the cool breeze of nostalgia wafts through your mind, prepare to soak yourself in the soul of a Bangalore that is
but a distant memory now - a city that was once refreshingly different from any other! So, if your search was for
Bangalore Accommodation”, “Hotel”, “Resort In Bangalore”, “Training Facilities” Or A More Elaborate “Premium Resort Close To Bangalore International Airport”, we think that search is at an end! Come, let us pamper you!
Accomodation at Olde Bangalore Resort is located within 25 unique guest cottages inspired by the nomadic traveler, which is what today’s professional is! Called “Caravan”, all the cottages are luxury tents – the eternal traveler’s abode - combining a spirit of adventure and material comfort. Set in sylvan surroundings, these air-conditioned resting places are designed to take your breath away! While all cottages have exactly the same Amenities, it is only the size that varies – the “Luxury” category is ideal for a couple, the “Suite” for a couple with a child and the “Deluxe” category for a couple with 2/3 children! The easy-on-the-pocket, Tariff, then, comes as a pleasant surprise.
South Parade – the pre-independence name for Bangalore’s MG Road! This two-toned space is informal while the sun is up and a fine-dining space after the sun goes down. A small dance floor can easily accommodate about 15 couples. The whole ambience, including the warm earth-tones and the mood-lighting are intended to take patrons marching down memory lane into Bangalore’s resplendent military past. Take a look at the menu.
Wining & Dining

We have excellent Food & Beverage (F&B) options at Olde Bangalore. All the restaurant outlets are open from 1100h to 2300h. The menu, pricing and presentation on the following pages are once again intended to help you plan your visit as well as anybody can! If you are not staying with us, a tour of the kitchen or the accommodation is highly recommended while you wait for your order to be served up.


Hic! Is what happens when you have one too many! The bar at Olde Bangalore is a typical military bar with a rather spartan setting. The repertoire of brews here, though, has luxury written all over. Whether you stand at the counter, sit in or move out onto the terrace, you are sure to find your spirits soaring in hardly any time. Hic! has a sumptuous snack menu that is intended to wonderfully complement the range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic quenchers. What’s even better, the whole range on the menu is presented to you right here!


Once you hit the National Highway, turn left towards Bangalore city. After 1.2 km, before the ITC Factory, turn right and drive for 2.6km.

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